Awesome Lego Model Train Set Going through the Garden & House

Wonderful Lego Model Train Set Video

This amazing Lego Model Train is equipped with a GoPro cam on it, going through the house and into the garden. The total length of this lego track is 50 meters. Using a GoPro is always a great idea to capture the train running moments.

We have also captured few of the images of this great layout and we are sharing them in the same post. Here are few of the amazing images of this model train layout.

Lego Model Train_Image 1
Lego railroad is going through the whole house.

Lego Model Train_Image 2
So many wonderful model trains are used in this layout.

Lego Model Train_Image 3
Beautifully created model train bridge give a realistic looks to this great layout.

Lego Model Train_Image 4
The tracks are well placed across the whole garden.

Lego Model Train_Image 5

Bonus Pic! This Cat is in love with this great layout.

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