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Baobab Junction Model Train Layout

Here’s a model railroad that creatively saves space by using an old caravan as the solution. It fits a bench plus the sizing dimensions are 14 feet long and 6 feet across. It also contains a workbench and cupboard space to store locomotives and tools.

It is a model train layout theme is of Baobab Junction in the Kabanga Enclave, between Rhodesia, Zambia & Bostwana where the Mwena River runs into the Zambesi. It can run US, UK and European locomotives and rolling stock.

A Model Railroad Section in the Corner of a Caravan

track model lay out of the Baobab Junction in the Kabanga Enclave set on a table in the corner of a caravan.

This part of the layout fits perfectly in the corner of the caravan. Its placement by the window adds to the authenticity of the replica with natural lighting. Your friends and family can comfortably walk along the side of the table and admire the detailed miniatures of houses, trees, tracks, and vehicles with ease.

A Section of the Layout Under Shelves

model train track on a table underneath a set of shelves which holds vehicle figurines

The train track continues to another table underneath shelves. These shelves are used to store various vehicles that can populate the layout. Save time and effort by having them within your reach.

The Scenery Surrounding the Model Railroad

The limited space of the caravan does not take away from the experience of viewing this detailed layout. Despite getting a glimpse of the window and the stereo underneath the table, you can still transport yourself to Baobab Junction with the model’s greenery, vehicles parked nearby, and the train itself sitting at the station.

A Section with Houses, Trees, Storage Units, and a Truck

Have plenty of space to add details of the track like this one. Two wooden houses sit at the foot of a mountain. Outside are trees, a white-and-blue truck, and a couple of storage units beside a body of water.

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