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HO Scale DCC Model Railroad

HO Scale DCC Model Railroad

Here is one more great model train video. This layout is equipped with DCC sound effects. No more words, just watch and enjoy the awesomeness of this model train layout.

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DCC model railroading is something that most advanced modelers will inevitably pick up, especially if they enjoy extreme realism in their train sets. This is basically an electrified train system. All the locomotives in this layout are equipped with LokSound Select DCC decoders. The complete run-bys were taped at the Santa Clara Caltrain station on the South Bay Historical Railroad Society (SBHRS) HO scale railroad layout. Variety of techniques are used in this layout to make it look as realistic as it can be.

We have also captured few images and we are sharing those images as well. Please check them out.

Powerful and Attractive Locomotive

HO Scale DCC Model Railroad Image 1


Just look at this engine, this engine is simply the best example of realistic model train layout. If you will show this image to anyone and will ask if it is a real model train engine or a miniature one, he will say it is a real train engine for sure 😉

Awesome Natural Scenery

HO Scale DCC Model Railroad Image 2


This layout is really very scenic. This layout is occupied with so many great features which are extremely important from the point of a realistic model train layout. The mountains are trees are the basic component of a natural scenery model train and this layout is decorated with all of them.

Realistic Features

HO Scale DCC Model Railroad Image 3


Railway crossing is a great idea to make your layout look fantastic. This adds detailing as well as realistic feature to the complete layout. You can use led lights to create the signals and also you can decorate it with so many awesome and variety of messages.

Freight Locomotives

HO Scale DCC Model Railroad Image 4


Freight locomotives are also used in this layout which makes this layout simply amazing. This thing not only adds great look but also make your layout look as it has all kind of model trains and is not limited to only one variety of model train.

Realistic Tunnels

HO Scale DCC Model Railroad Image 5


Wow! This is a eye catchy feature and this thing is simply incredible. This is adding great feature to the whole layout. These small details are really very important if you wanna give your layout really a great realistic look.

Realistic Model Train Bridge

HO Scale DCC Model Railroad Image 6


This bridge is constructed over a bridge so that model trains can cross it without any issues. This is giving a great realistic look to the whole model train layout. HO Model trains are the most loved layouts and there are so many themes in which your layout can be based on. You can make your own HO scale layout story.

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