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Holidays Special Winter Wonderland Model Train Photo Gallery

Happy Holidays to all my friends! Holidays Special Winter Wonderland Model Train is made on 1/2 inch foam insulation material reinforced with 1X2 pvc trim. The materials used in this model is easy to work with. It was easy to cut the insulation board with a long X-acto blade kept at an angle to form the hills and the pond. Putting the track directly on the insulation material and running the train was quite noisy, so 1/4 inch thick sponge type weather stripping in between the board and the track is used to quiet it down. The hill top is removable for access just in case the inevitable derailment occurs. After assembling the pieces using the adhesive, the holiday special winter wonderland model train was sprayed with a white primer and then an orange peel coating is used on interior walls for a texture similar to snow. Then the buildings, landscape, etc. were added. The foil side of the insulation board is aluminum and looks a lot like ice. This was glued under the cutout for the pond after painting was completed. The edge of the pond is lit up by a string of battery operated LED lamps pushed through the foam insulation board.

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