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How To Build a Model Railroad on a Budget Video Part 5

Welcome to part of 5 of how to build a model railroad on a budget.


  • Rough sketched on the layout where specific buildings will go along with a park. I used a building set that has about 11 or 12 building sets such as a general store and an industry plant
  • I have tied the rock quarry ravine into the flat area near the hills
  • I also want to make the quarry area look like it has been excavated
  • I have also added the streets of the entire town and where vehicles can go back and forth between the rock quarry and the town
  • I have added cast rocks near the bottom of the mountain and blend it in with a plaster cloth and paint it on the next video
  • I purchased some cloud stencils to add clouds to the sky. Simply using a can of spray paint while turning them frequently can get some natural looking clouds and it only cost $8.00!
  • I will be adding a two to three foot backdrop to place the clouds on

Please stay tuned for video 6 of the how to build model railroad on a budget video series.

A special resource that has allowed me to actually achieve so much as a model train beginner is this book.

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