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How To Build a Model Railroad on a Budget Video Part 6

Welcome back to the model railroad on a budget beginner series. Some serious progress has been made on the layout and it is really coming together.

Quick updates:

  • I started painting the model train layout brown color to finally give it a proper look and feel
  • Quick tip – You can purchase paint for cheap from Lowe’s Hardware by checking the mistake bin for people who purchased the wrong paint, opened it and then returned it
  • I used the paint as an Earthy feel undercoat for my layout to just get rid of the blue color of the table
  • Also did some rock painting on the mountains and used the leopard spot technique
  • The Leopard Spot Technique is when you take yellow ocher and dab it on there with a foam brush and then you come back with burnt umber, which is a reddish brown and  you dab the spots that you didn’t dab with the burnt umber
  • And much more…

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