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The largest model train layout of the world

The largest model train layout of the world

Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg is undoubtedly the largest model train layout of the world. It’s a 13kilometers large layout and it took 5hundred thousand working hour to complete.

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The whole layout is divided into eight different sections. Each section is for different categories.

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Each day nine hundred trains with twelve thousand aircraft travel a distance of several hundred kilometers. The longest train is 14.51meters long.

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There are both small and big ships on the sea. The biggest ship can contain 30thousand liter water.

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There are two hundred fifty computer control vehicles are on the road. They always move on here and there. Special attraction is fire run are controlled by sophisticated software.

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The traffic control systems are always busy to tracing the traffic information and speed detection.

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The most and new attraction is an airport. The largest model train layout takes 6 years to develop. It takes place one hundred fifty square meters with 40 airplanes.

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From the technology hunger to the air terminal, every little thing detected very carefully. Nothing will neglect from the technology. Every single thing is noticed very carefully.

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Over two hundred thousand figure can join in a live show. It’s really amazing to arrange something with lots of figure.

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Here is the video of the largest train layout
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