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Viaduct Railroad Model Train Layout

Admire this model train layout with a scale model of a viaduct. The layout also contains realistic static grass. All around this layout, you will also find stunning scenes of nature made of seafoam trees and heki flor. These elements really add to the natural beauty of the layout. 

To add to the scenery, there is a model train background of blue skies and white clouds as well as a house with a water wheel for a stream. 

Tunnel Leading Out to the Tracks on the Viaduct

tunnel and house beside the viaduct train track

On this part of the viaduct, there’s a tunnel that leads out to it. The backdrop shows blue skies and white clouds. On the sides are utility poles, various flora, and a house.

Water in the Viaduct Model Railroad

Here’s the blue and foamy water of the stream. It flows through the viaduct and through a house nearby.

A House Seen Through an Arch of the Viaduct

View of house seen through the arch of a viaduct

From this angle, the viaduct looks very realistic. Looking through this arch of the viaduct and at the house in the distance, it almost feels like the photographer took this photo in an actual place.

A House with a Water Wheel on the Model Railroad

house with water wheel on the model railroad

This is the house that we saw earlier from under an arch of the viaduct. Notice the tiny details like the wooden fence to the side and shrubbery scattered around. There’s also the water wheel through which runs the water we saw earlier.

A Close Up of the House and Water Wheel

House next to stream with water wheel on model railroad

Here’s another angle of the house and its water wheel. From here, it’s easier to take in the details of the contraption. The water continues seamlessly to the backdrop which adds depth to this image.

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