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The Oldest and Largest 0 Scale Model Train Layout in Europe

Here are some rare photos from the largest 0 scale in Europe and in Germany. This model railroad 0 scale layout was built between 1928 and 1960. All locomotives, buildings and the tracks were manufactured entirely by hand. The model trains are more than 80 years old, but they were upgraded from analog to digital control in the year 2008.
oldest and largest 0 scale model-train-layout in europe 001
The locomotives bears the sign of the period which is represented in the layout.
oldest and largest 0 scale model train layout in europe 002
The houses besides the railroad also represents the period.

The people depicted in the layout are the representative of the age.
Although the layout was built a long ago, its architectural standard is worth mentioning. The above photo is a prof.

A gardener is working in the alongside garden. Pet animals are there also in the garden.
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