Building a Model Railroad | Photos, Videos & How To Guides

Building a Model Train Layout from Start to Finish

Are you looking at building a model railroad from start to finish? This immaculate model railway includes buildings such as model engine sheds, industrial railways, model railroad houses, bridges, mines, cranes and even mountains!¬† The beautiful scenery also includes dug in railroad tunnels that locomotives can pass through and various details such as rusty engines …

Worlds Largest Model Railway Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg Video

View the world’s largest model railroad constructed in Hamburg, Germany. This model railroad is called Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg and contains many different sections such as: Harz Knuffingen Alps / Austria Hamburg America Scandinavia Switzerland Knuffingen¬†Airport The model railway is enormous¬† and a few more sections currently planned or under construction such as Airport, Italy and …

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