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“PREMO” an awesome N Scale Model Train Layout

“PREMO” is an awesome N Scale model train layout developed by Tapiola Parish Model Railway Club. The layout is in N Scale and it is electrified by DCC. The most impressive part of the layout is that unlike most of the layout here trains go from one station to another according to a timetable. Not only that, it also possesses some other unique features. The curve of the track is perfect, the reflections on the water in the ditches and track, the ground cover and coloration… nicely done. Here are some unique photos from PREMO.

"PREMO" an awesome N Scale Model Train Layout
This is the general view of “PREMO” layout whose dimension is approx 8 x 15 m.

General view,layout size approx 8 x 15 m
There is a nice bridge in the layout.

PREMO model train layout

Spurs are included in the layout and the arrangement of the spurs is such that one needs to travel in “wrong” direction to gain access to one of the spurs, this creates interesting and challenging operation.

"PREMO" model train layout
It has some great natural scenery. The is just one view of them.


Besides the rail road there are farming lands and farmers are working in their lands.

"PREMO" an awesome N Scale Model Train Layout
There is also a farm house just near the main railroad.

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