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Very realistic model railroad with Torn Out cars

Here is a video on a very realistic model railroad featuring 90’s era CSX. In the layout there are two segments – handlaid yard trackage, and a mainline attempt at realistic jointed rail.

The layout is a small one on an outdoor porch, so when you hear the sound of crickets in the mix, that is actually real.All of the trackage, scenery, equipment, and weathering are worn out, as a result they give a realistic view. Most of the yard are handlaid n-scale rail on tiny wooden ties, with ample kinks.

The yard lead and siding are even more deliberately designed to cause trouble. The cardboard shims are put under the middle 30′ ft. of each scale 40′ ft section of rail, and then spiked the joints down to create the characteristic bowed effect of poorly maintained jointed rail.Finally the sound is also very realistic. All these features make the layout very close to reality.

Very realistic model railroad with Torn Out cars

realistic model railroad photo

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