O Gauge 3 Rail in Action!

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An amazing layout of 3-rail O-gauge model train in action!

Here is a unique 3-rail O-gauge model railroad. The builder of this amazing layout ensured each single detail of the layout was scaled to perfection. It contains so many realistic parts and scenery, it’s totally a must see!

Complete Layout of Railroad

3-rail O-gauge model trains image 1

This is an aerial view of the entire layout and provides an overall decent view. The track separation is very precise and gives the layout a beautiful appeal.

Realistic Model Train Bridge

3-rail O-gauge model trains image 2
As you can see, the bridge is beautifully built on this layout. This realistic model train bridge is enhancing the beauty of the layout. The creator must add at least one bridge on their layout if it is a natural scenery model train.

WOW! A McDonald’s built on the layout!

3-rail O-gauge model trains image 3
It is really a great idea to build these kinds of features on the layout. It shows the creativity level of the creator of the model train. Simply brainstorm what else you can add to your layout in order to make it as realistic as it can be.

Beautiful House

3-rail O-gauge model trains image 4
I am amazed by the components of this layout. The house built on this layout is simply amazing, the color selection is also appreciable. Do you use such components on your layout?

Over Bridge on a Model Train

3-rail O-gauge model trains image 5
Look at this bridge. I am impressed with the design of the bridge. Local residents must be happy with this bridge đŸ˜‰

Model Cars for Model Trains

3-rail O-gauge model trains image 6
Placing few toy cars by the side of railway tracks is appreciable. These might be tiny but are sufficient enough to add details to the layout.

Beautifully Built Railway Station

3-rail O-gauge model trains image 7
This realistic model train station is enhancing the beauty of the layout. This is a great selection to be used on the layout. The creator of the layout have also added dolls and these look superb.

Realistic Model Train Steam Engine

3-rail O-gauge model trains image 8
This realistic model train steam engine is a great choice to be used. The steam coming out from the engine is real!

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model train beginners ebook
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