6×4 N Scale Model Train Layout

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Marvelous 6×4 foot model train layout with all the bells and whistles. It’s an N Scale layout that doesn’t consume ginormous amounts of space but still does not spare any detail and is loaded with great features. It’s a 2 track with 2 sidings layout with street lights to boot.

Here’s a few pics to share with family and friends:

Complete Track Plan

N Scale Model Train Picture 1

The aerial view does not give it entire justice but you’re able to see how the track plan was established along with the trackwork. Give that it’s one of the most popular scales, there are hundreds of accessories to decorate your layout and turn it into a masterpiece.

Great Realistic Features

N Scale Model Train Picture 2

This 6×4′ N Scale model train layout spared no expense, all of the main features were evident. For example, the tunnel is well built with two railroads within it. It also contains tunnel lighting and other intricate details that only a model train enthusiast would appreciate.

Size Doesn’t Matter

N Scale Model Train Picture 3

Size only matters if you got “fat finger syndrome” because then you need more space to add stuff. Most folks are just fine with any N Scale layout but also some prefer HO scale given its diversity of scenery, locomotives buildings.

If you do not have a bigger area to develop your model train layout then try to adopt an N scale layout instead. It’s smaller, more detailed and takes less space to make your own real world. Start your journey from a model railroad idea to a full-fledged model railroad. 

N Scale Model Train Picture 4

As a model train beginner has a few important questions to ask themselves before jumping head first into building their first model railroad.

Here’s a brief summary of the advantages of “why to choose n scale model railroad?” 

When it comes to model trains, the first question that comes to your mind is what are the advantages of N scale layout? Well, there are so many advantages. Here are few:

  • Consumes Less Space
  • Longer Railroad track runs into the same amount of space, the reason it that, the model trains are nearly half of the HO scale layout.
  • It is best for miniature wargaming

This was created by our friend and is a featured video from our Model Trains Facebook Page We also would like to feature one video of N scale layout created by one of our friends.

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