Eric’s Living Room Model Train Layout Image Gallery

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Hello friends! Here is the complete item with local railway comprising of N2 class tank locomotive and two suburban coaches. Some minor touchup is still required. A small Mp3 player is used as speaker under the church and it plays a peal of bells ringing out for the wedding party. Amazing flashing lights like a pub is also used. This amazing model train looks amazing at night. 🙂 So enjoy these amazing model train images.

Wonderful Layout

Living Room Model Train Image 1

This is an amazing model train layout. Lots of amazing features are used in this model train layout.

Amazing Buildings

Living Room Model Train Image 2

Infrastructure plays a vital role in any of the model train layout. The buildings used in this layout is making this layout extremely amazing.

Top View

Living Room Model Train Image 3

Wow. Have a look of this amazing layout. Great features, great lightings. This is how a model train should look.

Living Room Model Train Image 4

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model train beginners ebook
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