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Guide to Switching Model Trains

Switches are nothing but the joints or points or turnouts in the railway track. It is one of the most important part of the model train because directly or indirectly all the operations are dependent on the way model trains runs on the tracks. This video is demonstrating the switching of model trains. One who knows how to properly switch the model trains can handle the complete layout in excellent way. We would like to demonstrate it with the help of few very informative images and also a video. So here is brief details about switching model trains.

Loco Ready For Switching Operation

Switching Model Trains Image 1

This loco is about to be switched, this is going towards the switching mechanism.

The Switching

Switching Model Trains Image 2

This image is demonstrating the main switching part of the locomotive. The loco is traveling on the switched railroad. Can you guess the type of switching used here? Not sure? Ok, we have also mentioned types of switches and you can find the list at the bottom of the post.

The Example

Switching Model Trains Image 4

This image is demonstrating how switching is performed and the loco has changed the track.

The Complete Train

Switching Model Trains Image 5

The Engine is carrying the whole train and is going through the switched line.

The below are few important kind of switches that you one can use in his layout:

  • By the Number Switching System:

Switching Model Trains Image 7

As per name, it is very clear that it works on the number of the turns.

  • Curved Shape Switches:

Switching Model Trains Image 8

These switches looks curved and anyone can easily identify them just by watching them. This one is one of the most common type of switch used in almost all size of model trains.

  • Wyes Switches:

Switching Model Trains Image 9

This switch is generally used in compact model train layouts.

  • Puzzle Switches

Switching Model Trains Image 10

This switch has acquired its name from its design itself. This switch is also known as slip and double slip switch. These are complex type of switches and are generally used in complex model train layouts.

  • Spring Switches:

Switching Model Train Image 12

As per name, it consists of spring. The coil spring is used in this switch and these switches are rarely used in the model trains due to their complex mechanism.

  • Three Way Switches:

Switching Model Trains Image 11

This switch is one of the most popular switch and is effectively used in so many layouts.

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