Kenneth Kroschwtz’s Amazing K-10 Model Trains Layout Photo Gallery

Ken Kroschwtz sketched a gigantic K-10 model train layout which is spaced in  a 60×81 foot railroad room. There are three major railroads, two short lines and five major industries in the layout. Here is the whole layout in photos.

The Railroad Room

k-10 model train layout photo-1

This k-10 model train layout photo shows the entire layout as a whole. The entire layout is set set up in a single room and the room looks as if it were a continent.

Natural Scenery

k-10 model train layout photo-2

This k-10 model train layout photo also shows the layout as a whole but here the beautiful trees beside the railroad have been vivid. The trees make the layout realistic and life like.


k-10 model train layout photo-3


Here in this k-10 model train layout photo the industries are more vivid.There are five major industries included in the layout to ensure the required energy of the engines.

The Coal Industry

k-10 model train layout photo-4

This k-10 model train layout photo gives a clear view of the  coal industry which supplies coals for the rail engines.

Rail Lines

k-10 model train layout photo-5

Here in this k-10 model train layout photo the rail lines along with the beautiful tress have been highlighted. There is also a street along side the rail line.

Hobby Shop



Kenneth Kroschwtz’s K-10 Model Trains layout has a hobby shop in front of the layout building and this photo is highlighting that.

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