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G Scale Model Trains Running Inside a Home

Everybody usually has issues finding space for their model trains but what if you had them run throughout your entire home? Ain’t that a novel idea, yeah?

This collection of G scale of PIKO model trains have track laid down across the floor of the residence. The locomotive is an LGB 25554 White Pass & Yukon route model railroad powered via diesel and helps pull freight cars. Plus, there is “an AN laser-guided bomb 21576 capital locomotive actuation traveler car.

Not be least, it finishes off with a PIKO 38212 AT&SF railway locomotive that spits out steam sounds, “choo, choo” anyone?

The trains can each be controlled and operated through a DCC (digital command control) that makes it easy to vary the speeds and make sound effects as the train turns corners or is reaching a stop.

Here is the video of Large model trains running inside small house:

[leadplayer_vid id=”597FFE2C1B892″]

After watching the video, look at the list of helpful start guides below and see if any of them suit your needs. If you don’t find what you’re looking for be sure to contact us, so we add it.

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