Largest Model Train Berlin H0 Scale Railroad

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‘Loxx Berlin’ is one of the largest model railroad in the world.  Loxx is the place to go – 2,500 square metres of H0 scale model railway scenery in the centre of Berlin. Here is some beautiful photos from this awesome layout.

The entire model railway is a replica of the city of Berlin. Here is some beautiful photos from the awesome model railroad. Not only the whole city with it’s stations can be seen, but also the subway, underground, metro, tram, trains and steam locomotives in H0 scale.

largest model train berlin h0 scale railroad 004

The are more than 400 trains which are very lucrative in looking.

largest model train berlin HO scale railroad photo 03

‘Loxx’  boasts 4.15km (about 3 miles) of track.


One unique features of this layout is its enormous population. It possess a population of 50,000 human figures.

largest-model-train-berlin-h0-scale-railroad-014Loxx is recognized as the world’s ‘largest digital model railway’  for its unique structural designs and use of technology .

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model train beginners ebook
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