Model Train Switzerland HO Scale Railroad Layout Photo Gallery

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An amazing model railway layout about Switzerland and the famous Glacier Express. Watch a model train, cruising between Brig, Visp and Zermatt as model railroad. Enjoy these photos and get inspiration for your own model train layout.

Rail Bridge

railroad bridge in model train layout

This photo gallery image shows a wonderful rail bridge surrounding with scenic beauty.

Mountain side Rail Road

mountain side rain road in model train layout

This model train layout photo shows a very realistic model train running on the rail road at  the bottom edge of a beautiful mountain.


a model train crossing a tunnel

This photo gallery image shows a model train crossing a narrow tunnel and beside the tunnel a shepherd is moving a cattle. It also shows a fair lady walking on the street beside the tunnel.

Mountain Edge

a model train is crossing a tunnel under a mountain

This final image shows another model train crossing another tunnel and running on the rail road at the very edge of the mountain.

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model train beginners ebook
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