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One of the Worlds Largest Model Railroads – Northlandz

Some consider Northlandz one of the world’s largest model railroads. Others see it as a “toy” railroad and not counting as one of the largest. The most interesting part of this layout is the eight miles of model railroad track that it contains and that it was developed by a single person named Bruce Williams Zaccagnino.

He started this huge construction just out of hobby but for his mythical dedication and hard labor of 16 years it becomes the largest model train track of the world. Here are some photos of this giant rail track along with some stats.

Bruce Williams Zaccagnino
This is Bruce Williams Zaccagnino, the creator of this giant model railroad.

New jersey city in Northladz
In Northlandz, the New Jersey City is depicted. It can’t be more beautiful than this.


On the 16 miles of track there are about 400 bridges to cross.

bridges in northlandz
Visitors are sure to be amazed by this alpine waterway.

pit mine in northlandz

Nothing is missing in the road. There is also a pit mine with 52,000 facility.

buildings in northlandz
Buildings are most integral part of model rail road and this component is not missing in the wonderful rail road. There are over 3,000 such buildings in the giant model.
people in northlandz
Without people model train layout seems unrealistic. The presence of lots of people in Northlandz makes it more realistic.

Every year millions of people visit this wonderful railroad and amazed to think that this giant railroad is developed by a single person.


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