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Alexander’s Wonderful 1950s Model Train Layout

Escape to the 1950’s with this wonderful layout. It was designed to reflect the times, with railways superseding the canal system and improving road infrastructure. The scenery is authentic to the era with houses, buildings, and people. The trains are of the fictional South Wales Union Canal Co. These trains were built to transport coal to places that would normally be difficult to reach through roads. 

For a realistic look of the environment, the waters were given a green and muddy look using 4-6 coats of polyurethane varnish. 

Model Trains Gathered on the Board

Model trains gathered on top of a white board with train tracks.

In this photo, the trains of the South Wales Union Canal Co. are gathered on the board. They sit on separate tracks. Behind them, we can see the tunnel and the backdrop which we’ll see on the layout later on.

Model Train Emerging from the Garage

Model train emerging from a garage.

A black model train emerges from a garage. The warm orange glow from the inside can be seen from the outside. To the left, there are two men working, while to the right there is a water tank in between two tracks.

Train Track by the Side of the Road

Truck and van driving along the road beside the train track.

Beside the train track is the road where a bus and a van are driving in opposite directions. To the side of the road are a row of plants, and behind that is a backdrop of houses. Farther down the track, you can see a few utility poles beside a platform where people wait for the train.

Men Shovelling Coal onto Trucks

Men shoveling coal onto trucks on the model railroad.

This scene depicts men shovelling coal onto the truck by the side of the railroad tracks. This section is fun to look at because of the amount of activity in it. In front of them are a few establishments, a van, and citizens going about their daily lives in the town.

Close Up of the Truck with Coal

Coal truck beside a brick house and yellow-and-brown building.

This gives us a closer look of the truck and the workers we saw earlier. From here, we can see the details of the surrounding buildings better. There’s the fine yellow and brown colors of the building on the top right, and at the center are the bricks of the small F. Sprake house.

An Inn Near the Train Tracks

George Inn  by the side of the road and the train tracks.

This paints an idyllic scene on the model railroad layout. By the side of the road and the train tracks is the George Inn. Its surroundings blend in well with the backdrop that depicts deep woodlands.

People on the Platform

People standing by the signal box, waiting for the model train.

This scene zooms in on the platform where people wait for the train. There are plenty of details to enjoy here, like the open lights in the building in the background, the people deep in conversation on the right, and the lone man on the left with his hands in his pocket.

Realistic Storefronts on the Model Railroad Layout

Storefronts on the model railroad layout.

This street is lined with plenty of stores. There’s a bakery, a store that sells fruits and vegetables, a surplus store, and a diner that serves fish and chips. Each sign is unique, adding to the realism of this entire section of the layout.

Model Train Passing Through an Arch

Model train passing under an arch.

A utility pole stands on the center of two merging train tracks. A model train is just about to go through the arch to the left. Above the arch, there are two cars driving through.

Different Perspective of the Track and the Road

Train track beside the road with cars. OK

This is a scene that we saw earlier, but this time from a different angle. We see the utility poles that line the side of the tracks much clearer here, and the backdrop also blends in better with the hills and trees at the back.

Side View of the Train Platform

Side view of people waiting on the platform for the train.Here’s a closer look of the platform we saw earlier. It’s crowded with people expecting the train to arrive any minute now. Behind them, a weathered red bus drives through the road.

Entrance of the Tunnel

The entrance of a tunnel on the model railroad layout.

Here is a deep tunnel where the model trains can enter. Details like the plants hanging above the entrance tells us just how old this tunnel is. To the left, there is a cabin, and beyond that is the road.

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