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Wonderful Multilevel Model Railroad Layout

This model train layout features two levels. On the first level, the tracks go all around scale models of houses, buildings, and other structures. On the second level, the train travels in and out of tunnels as well as across bridges. 

There is a realistic scenery of mountains as the background of the layout. Look closely at the structures and notice how details like signs of age can be seen. There are also items such as rusted engines to add to the overall atmosphere of the model railroad.

Three Tunnels and Mountain Scenery on the Model Railroad

Three tunnels, a house, and mountains on the model railroad.

Even from just this section of the layout, we can already see how intricate it is. There are three tunnels leading into the realistic mountain landscape. Right in front of us is a pink house and all around are patches of vegetation.

Platform for the Model Train

Front view of the platform for the train.

This quiet scene in the platform for the train shows little, but it feels alive just because of how the figurines are positioned. Out front, there is a man sweeping the floor. To the right, there are two people sitting on the bench, waiting for the train and perhaps deep in conversation.

Early Stage of the Model Railroad

Miniature houses and model train tracks on a wooden table.

This is what the railroad looked like before all the pieces were added. The individual pieces meant to fill up the space (like the house in the center and the pink building in the distance) are scattered about on the table. The tracks lay detached around them.

Train Tracks on Different Levels

Model train inside garage beside train tracks on separate levels.

This image shows how the train tracks cross paths on different levels. There are two tracks on wooden bridges that run above two others on ground level. To the right is a yellow train car just exiting a garage.

Garage by the Mountains

Yellow train garage beside a tunnel, water tower, and mountains.

A couple of model trains are stored in this garage. A black one is emerging and is just about to begin its journey. To the right of this garage is the tunnel we saw earlier, and to its left is a water tower.

Backdrop of Mountains and Blue Skies Over Train Tracks

Backdrop of the model railroad layout.

Notice how well the mountains blend with the backdrop of distant mountains, blue skies, and fluffy white clouds. With photos taken from this angle, it almost looks like a real place as opposed to a model railroad.

View of the Layout from the Mountain

Model railroad layout on the table from the top view.

From the top of the mountain, we can see the model railroad laid out on the table. There are the houses, the train platform, and the train tracks running all around the layout.

Details on Buildings and Tunnels

Buildings and tunnels on the model railroad layout.

From this view, you can see the different details added onto the buildings to differentiate them. The one closest to us looks brand new and pristine while behind it the red building’s walls have blackened. The same is true with the two tunnels; one seems newly constructed while the other has greyed with age.

Model Trains Between Two Buildings

Model trains and trucks in between two buildings.

Gathered between these two buildings are a bunch of the model trains that are included in this layout. Aside from that, we can also see two trucks parked to the right and a water tower in the middle of the tracks.

Rusted Engine Beside a Tree

Rusted engine by a tree on the model railroad layout.

To add character to the model railroad layout, this rusted engine was added by a tree. It also adds a sense of realism because it shows that this railroad isn’t some sort of utopia. Things break down and are forgotten here as well.

Model Train Car Emerging from a Garage

Yellow train car emerging from the garage.

This single train car is halfway out of the garage. This is located beside the train tracks that run on different levels that we saw earlier.

Train Tracks Laid Out Before Completion

Train tracks around a bare wooden table.

You can see here the basic placements of the train tracks. Without the buildings, the houses, the garages, and the mountains, this is what it looks like.

Holes Between Train Tracks on the Layout

Holes between train tracks on the model railroad layout.

Notice the holes in the middle of this table between the train tracks. Elements will be added here later to complete the landscape of the layout. To the left, there is also an elevated path, which will become the bridge later on.

Train Car by the Garage

Train car beside a garage and water tower.

This scene by a garage depicts a train car parked on the side with a man working on it. Beside this garage is a water tower, and in the distance we can see the top of a white tower. To the right, we can see the train tracks going beyond.

Model Train Tracks Under the Bridge

Red steel bridge over train tracks and water on the model railroad layout.

Train tracks run underneath this red steel bridge. There are also trees, thick patches of grass, and in the middle of these are the murky waters of a stream.

Platform by One End of the Bridge

A platform for the train near one end of the tunnel.

The platform we saw earlier stands just by one end of the bridge. From here, we see clearly the steel beams that form the top of the bridge, as well as the train tracks that go across it. At the other end of the bridge is a tunnel.

Building and Water Towers Before Model Railroad Completion

Front of a red building, a water tower, and train tracks on a wooden table.

The model railroad tracks circle around the bare wooden surface of the table. For now, only the front of a red building, a water tower, and a gas tank have been erected.

Crane on a Platform for the Train

Red crane on the platform for the train.

A red crane is perched on the platform for the train. Its arm extends out of view. On the platform, there are three men working. One is lifting equipment, the other is loading a forklift, while the third is overseeing the operation of the crane.

Details of the Garage

Yellow train garage with discolouration.

The yellow train garage we saw earlier is pictured here again, but with greater detail. Here, we can see the discoloration and rust all around its body, suggesting old age.

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