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Frederick’s Snow Covered Model Train Layout

This O scale model railroad layout shows a town by the mountainside with snow. You can find structures such as houses, buildings, bridges, and lighthouses. 

The background is a deep and large forest with trees covered in snow. Looming over it all are mountains that look very realistic. 

To fill up the layout, there are also vehicles and human figurines all about. This makes the model railroad seem so full of activity. The scenery was made up of screen, cardboard strips, balled-up newspaper, and foam that was covered in plaster cloth, drywall compound, and tin foil.

Parts of the Model Railroad Layout

Bridge, tower, and water tower of the model railroad.

Here are some of the parts of the model railroad before it was completed. There’s a grey tower, a red water tank, and a steel bridge. All around them is the bare wooden train tracks.

Railroad Tracks and Buildings by the Mountain Side

After the other elements have been added, the scene comes alive. The water tower, bridge and tower really take on a new life with the additional buildings now surrounding them and the backdrop of a mountain side.

Model Trains, Gas Tanks, and Bridges

Model train passing by bridge, gas tank, and storage towers on the model railroad layout.

This is a busy scene on the layout. Plenty of structures are added in this small space. There is the red structure by the side of the tracks, and a gas tank behind it. There’s a bridge for the train and a small garage to the left.

Backdrop of Snow Covered Trees and Mountains

The backdrop of trees and mountains covered in snow.

The backdrop used for this model railroad really adds realism to the entire layout. It depicts a vast woodland with snow-covered trees, and behind them all are mountains equally covered in snow. The layout itself blends in well with the walls of snow running down the sides of the tracks.

Lighthouse on the Model Railroad

A white lighthouse stands on a cliff. Behind it, a red railroad passes by. From here, we can also see the backdrop of trees. Notice how seamlessly it adds the illusion of depth to the photo.

Crane at a Construction Site

Crane, construction workers, and house by the train track.

At this construction site, a crane lifts some metal beams. People are also working around it. Behind it all stands a red and green house by the train track.

Bridge on the Model Railroad Layout

Trees by the side of a bridge on the model railroad layout.

On this section of the layout, a model train crosses a wooden bridge. Trees and towers line the background, and just by the side of the bridge is a brown building.

House Between Two Hills

A house stands in the center of two hills that are capped with grass and trees. Parked beside it are trucks, and to the right there is a water tank behind some trees. To the left is a small tunnel that leads to the left of the hills.

Hopper Car Train Model with Coal

Hopper car train model carrying coal at the end of the track.

A Southern Pacific train car brings in a cargo of coal. A few workers at the end of the track are working with their shovels. Behind them is a brown house and a truck.

House by the Water on the Model Railroad

House with a deck by the water on the model railroad.

This image shows a scene that is far from the railroad tracks. This is a two-storey house beside a body of water with a wooden deck. Behind it is another house, far from the water.

Tracks Under the Black Building

Black building with model train track running underneath it.

This black building sits by the foot of the mountain. The train track runs under it. Notice the subtle hints of rust on the left hand side and some on its legs, giving it more character.

Model Railroad Pieces on the Shelves

Model buildings and trees on shelves for the model railroad.

Here are pieces of the model railroad arranged neatly on the shelves. On the top level, there are the water tanks, the houses, and the buildings. Under that in a box is a bunch of the trees that were used.

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