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High Tech Model Railroad Layout

This model train layout boasts a high tech control system. There is a real-time moving video on track level as well as all DCC controlled sound. Other features include switches and signaling, video track layout monitors with iPad interface, uncouplers, and more. Using these, multiple members can keep track of their engines at the same time using an app on their phones. 

As for the scenery, the layout is filled with buildings and tunnels. Each structure is unique thanks to the details added to them.

Bird’s-Eye View of the Model Railroad

High tech model railroad with houses, view from the top.

Seeing this high tech model railroad from the top, you can easily see where the tracks will lead/ You can also admire the pieces of the layout like the houses, and see how they were arranged neatly.

Two Model Trains on the Same Track

Two trains facing each other on the same track.

Two model trains stand face-to-face on the same track. By the side, there is a red-and-green van and a motorcycle with a sidecar. The backdrop behind this scene adds a convincing illusion of depth.

Model Train with Backdrop

Model train on the track without a backdrop

From this angle, you can immediately see how short the backdrop is. The backdrop can also be convincing when taken from a certain angle. On the track is a model train with multiple cars.

Unfinished Section of the Model Railroad

An unfinished piece on the model railroad.

This image shows a section of the railroad during its early stages. There’s a net-like material, and there are wooden sticks on the right to hold it up. There are also a few white pins to hold the net down.

Top View of the Unfinished Model Railroad

Unfinished section of the model railroad layout.

This photo shows the same unfinished section, but from the top. We can now see clearly the train tracks beside the net-like material and the surface of the board on which the layout is built on.

Edge of the Unfinished Model Railroad

Top view of the unfinished model railroad.

Train tracks run all around the table, but some are detached. Although this shows the railroad in its unfinished state, we can still see how it will look like when it’s complete.

Touch Screen Control System of the Model Train

Touch screen device beside the model railroad layout.

Here is the touch screen device that controls the model train. The model train can also be controlled via iPad.

Tunnels Beside Houses on the Model Railroad

Different houses beside tunnels on the model railroad.

Houses of different colors and sizes stand beside the entrance of two tunnels. There are orange, green, and red houses.

Railroad Between Houses and Buildings

Model train tracks between houses and buildings with cars and trucks.

Multiple train tracks run between rows of buildings and houses. There are also cars and trucks parked by the side of the road.

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