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5 Impressive HO Scale Buildings

Would you like to add drama and character to your diorama scene with impressive HO Scale buildings? You might think that you need to spend a great deal of money to buy pre-assembled HO scale buildings because making it on your own is too costly, time-consuming, and is never realistic. The reality is, you can definitely assemble your own buildings such as houses and other structures to add realism to your model train layout and make it more authentic.

To help you achieve that, this is a list of HO scale building examples that you can get inspired by or use as a model for your build to make it wonderfully realistic.

Steel Mill Building

This is an impressive steel mill model that you can take inspiration from for your next modeling build. You can find a variety of building kits for this or you can make your own. Either way, the multiple structures of the steel mill building adds a layered effect and depth to the layout. This building on HO scale is also a good fit for any model train layouts.

Coal Mine Buildings

If you decide to go for an HO scale coal mine layout for your model railroad, then HO scale mining structures such as this coal mine building is a great detail to add. To make it wonderfully realistic, choose a kit that features banged up buildings that reflect how rugged a coal mine actually is. Try to add various elements for authenticity such as bridges, mining equipment, and multi-layered buildings.  

Lumber Yard Buildings

The lumber yard and sawmill building kit is another popular choice for HO scale buildings for your model railroad. It is a great trackside building for any size of model plans you have in mind. For the HO scale model of lumber yard, you will need a few elements including a storage shed, lumber rack, and a wood shop, among others.

Old West Buildings

There is no shortage of old western town buildings to use as inspiration for the HO scale buildings for your model railroad layout. Due to its popularity, you can find old west building plans in ready-to-build kits or DIY HO sale buildings plans for free. This building idea adds character to the old western town inspiration for the model railroad but you can find other options such as old west banks, outhouses, sheds, gun shops, and saloons.

Industrial Buildings

The industrial era provides a lot of model railroaders with ideas for creating realistic backdrops with HO scale building kits and printables. This HO scale industrial buildings model takes you to the era of rapid industrialization, railway expansion, and the arrival of the steam engine. A few examples of HO scale industrial buildings you can create for this purpose include factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants.

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