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HO Scale model train layout Malfunction

HO Scale model train layout Malfunction

This Ho Scale model train layout was shown in Orlando, Florida. I never think that this little model train layout will be such remarkable. You know that all layouts are not run perfectly according to plan.

There was no extra expectation on Digitrax-powered ECHOES. I was also a little bit surprised when experimenting the extra long Florida East Coast Train 202. This was really amazing that the model train layout did fine as far as its length and pull.

The controller saw its fitness randomly although the accelerate of train’s speed step 99, ), reverse and accelerate it or halt it.

You can include possible outcomes to other layouts. FECNTrak is the only possible layout in conflict. Because they didn’t have any 817 or 820 runs. There can be a question that is ECHOES member hitting ‘steal’ on the controller? Only adults make the run on it and member who has good interested in the club. The members of the club would not intentionally cause the tie up and derailment you see. Anyway, enjoy the unique run by compilation.

Here is the video of HO Scale model train layout Malfunction:

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