How to Replace Lights for Model Locomotives

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Replace 12 volts bulbs in your model train locomotive with 1.5 volt LED’s. The main benefits of replacing regular 12 volt bulbs with LED’s is that it produces less heat and more light at very low speeds. It can be difficult at times to run realistic speeds with bulbs that do not produce enough light. Sometimes you must run the trains very fast to achieve proper lighting.

led 12 volt resistor for model trainLED and the 12 volt resistor

light_board_locomotive for model trainThe light board in the locomotive

front_light_resistor for model train layoutAlready finished and installed front light with resistor and used shrink tubing to protect from heat and short

factory_bulb_rear_locomotive- for model train layoutFactory bulb in the rear of the locomotive

led_resistor_soldered-5 for model train layoutLed and the resistor soldered to the positive lead of the Led. Don’t let it over heat

led_soldered-6 for model train layout.The finished light

2-soldered-points-7 for model train layoutCareful to make sure the 2 soldered point’s don’t not touch and to use an object to scrap gently between to clear any unwanted stuff and make a clean connection

slow-speed-locomotive in model train layoutHolding the locomotive at super slow speed and show how bright during the day the Led’s work

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