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Space Saving Model Train Layout

This ingenious model train layout took the ever dreaded problem of lack of space and creatively found a solution for it. It seems like sometimes basements lack space and the garage is too crowded to fit a bench in there. Where else can you put your model train layout? How about in an old caravan parked right next to the house? This caravan is waterproof, dust-proof and has tons of cupboard space as well. It took some time to strip the inside of it and add some lights but at 14 feet long down one side, 6 feet across the top and 8 feet down the other side with room for a small workbench at the other end.

It is a model train layout theme is of Baobab Junction in the Kabanga Enclave, between Rhodesia, Zambia & Bostwana where the Mwena River runs into the Zambesi. It can run US, UK and European locomotives and rolling stock.

Space Saving Model Train Layout 2

Space Saving Model Train Layout

Space Saving Model Train Layout 3

Space Saving Model Train Layout 4 IMG_3238

IMG_3239 IMG_3244

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