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Model Train Layout with Gloomy Scenery

This model train layout is distinctive for its gloomy scenery. Adding to that are the imposing red-brick buildings as well as the background which features grey skies. The bridges and other structures also show signs of weathering. Trees of various shades of green give balance to the muted colors of the entire model railroad layout. 

The first photos show the buildings from afar. Later on, there are close-up shots of the individual buildings as well as dark tunnels and ancient archs. 

Red Buildings and a Bridge Under Grey Skies

red buildings and a bridge under grey skies of the model railroad layout

This photo of the layout depicts a gloomy day in this town. The skies are grey, and the colors of the red buildings, the bridges, and the trees are muted. The colors here really set the tone of the layout.

Model Train Track Between Red Buildings

model train tracks running between red buildings

From here, we discover that the train tracks – which weren’t visible in the previous image – runs between the red buildings and across the bridge in front of it. Against the right building, you’ll also spot a lone woman sitting on a bench.

Train Track Through a Stone Arch

stone arch surrounded by trees on model railroad

This small stone arch through while the model trains will pass through is partially obscured by the shrubs growing beside it. This scene gives the place a sense of history. Clearly, this stone arch has been there for quite some time that the plants have started to grow around it.

House Beside the Railroad Tracks

house near model railroad tracks

A dark house sits next to the tracks. Obscuring its front view is a black steel bridge. Like in the photos earlier, the plants here grow around the manmade structures.

View from the Bridge of the Model Railroad

view from the bridge of the model railroad

This view from the bridge allows us to imagine if the layout was a place we could actually visit. The trees and houses that are out-of-focus in the near distance gives it plenty of depth and adds realism to the photo.

Two Model Train Tracks Going Opposite Directions

Red house near two model train tracks

This image shows us where the model train can run through. Below a red house with vines is a curved track that runs underneath a stone bridge. Nearer to the camera’s eye is another track that runs beside the previous track.

View of Red Brick Houses Through a Bridge Arc

stone bridge with rail road track on top and red houses seen through the bridge's arc.

Notice the amount of details of the bridge made of brick. The lamp post behind the small wooden fence gives a warm yellow glow, and just beyond the arch of the bridge we can see red brick houses.

Peaceful Scenery of Nature on the Railroad Layout

trees and a white dog in the woods of the model railroad layout

Surrounding the town are quiet scenes of nature like this. In the thick dewy grass stands a white dog. The dog is shaded by tall trees whose branches are coated with dark green leaves. The houses behind these trees are barely visible.

Model Train Track from a Passenger’s Point of View

model train track from the perspective of a passenger

From this perspective, you can imagine riding the model train through the tracks. The sky is quite grey and foggy, but it’s offset by the warmth of the red houses and the light of the lamppost.

The Train Tracks Through Two Stone Bridges

carriage on top of a bridge and houses on the model railroad layout

The track snakes through two bridges. On the sides are more of the red houses, the ones on the right being significantly taller than the ones on the left. On top of the nearest bridge, sitting at the left, is a carriage.

The Layout at Night Time

model railroad with lamp posts at night time

The atmosphere of this layout is more welcoming at night time. Instead of grey skies, we get the yellow lamp posts illuminating model trains that are just sitting on the tracks.

A Grey Building by the Train Tracks

old tree and grey building beside the model train tracks

The structure to the right is a grey building with vines climbing up its walls. The tree to it’s right is leaning forward slightly, obscuring the rest of the tracks as it curves behind the grey building. A lone park bench sits in front of the building.

Top View of Buildings Beside Tracks

red and blue buildings beside train tracks and bridge

This set of buildings adds a bit of variety to the landscape of the layout. Most of the buildings we’ve seen so far have been mostly red and grey. This one has touches of light blue and green. However, just like most of the buildings, vines can also be seen running up its walls.

Multiple Tracks on the Layout

Two model trains sitting on separate tracks of the layout

The tracks allow space for multiple model trains to run through its course at the same time. Here we see two different models on their respective tracks. Beside them are houses with years written on their walls in white, suggesting the history of this layout.

Model Trains of Different Colours

red, green, and blue-and-white trains on tracks beside buildings

The layout includes a variety of model trains. Here you can see green, red, and blue-and-white trains. You can also notice how the parts of the tracks merge with one another to accommodate the trains well.

Boxcars and a Crane

Boxcars and a crane near a red house on the model railroad layout

Red boxcars rest near a silver crane. To the right is a red building with a green door. Beyond the image are the woods and the section of the railroad tracks that runs behind and around it.

Two People Watching the Train Tracks

two people leaning on the fence surrounded by model train tracks

Two people stand and lean against a wooden fence. Surrounding them are the train tracks. Behind there is the old grey house we saw earlier as well as a tall red house. There’s also a large and healthy yet old-looking tree to the right.

Bird’s Eye View of the Layout

Bird's-eye perspective of model railroad with view of trees, houses, a crane, and a tower.

From here, we get to see the entire layout. Crowding the center are the red houses and going around them are the train tracks. Beyond is a tall red tower, to the lower right is the section with the crane, and filling out the spaces are the trees and their thick foliage.

A Woman on a Bench Along the Railroad Track

woman sitting on bench near the model railroad tracks. behind her are houses and a large tree.

A woman in green sits on the bench while waiting for the train. Behind her are a group of houses with a large and aged tree in the middle. There are stairs beside the tree that leads to a bridge which goes beyond this section of the layout.

Train Track and Ballast Underneath a Bridge Arch

train track and ballast under a bridge arc

This is the close up of the bridge we saw earlier. Behind it, out of focus, are the buildings with sections painted in blue. Right in front of us is the track that runs underneath the bridge arch but with greater detail of the track itself and the track ballast.

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