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Amazing Mountain Scenery on a Model Train Layout

This model train layout boasts spectacular mountain scenery. The surfaces of the mountain are incredibly detailed, and in some sections they are made more beautiful under the glow of the moonlight. There are also tunnels and bridges that are clearly ancient because of the way they were painted. There are also both desolate sections and sections with generous greenery to add variety to the entire layout. Tiny details like rubble and fading on the bricks of bridges add an overall sense of realism. 

Model Train Crossing a Brick Bridge

model train crossing brick bridge

The black model train crosses a highly detailed brick bridge. The bridge was painted to suggest old age. You’ll notice that to the left of the image, some of the bricks have faded.

Model Trains at the Foot of the Mountain

model trains at the foot of the mountain

This photo shows the impressive amount of detail of the model layout. Trees with thick foliage blanket the left side of a mountain, while a variety of model trains are crowded on the tracks below.

Model Train Entering the Tunnel

yellow model train entering a tunnel surrounded by mountains

The model train here enters the tunnel. Blanketing the sides of its entrance are thick patches of grass. The details of the mountains and their rocky surfaces are highly visible in this lighting.

Natural Lighting on Mountains Near Tunnel Entrance

Model train moving to the entrance of a rocky tunnel that leads into a mountain.

Natural lighting on the section of the mountains on the right hand side give this section of the layout a sense of realism. Adding to that is the entrance of the tunnel which is not as finely sculpted as the one shown in the previous image.

Model Train Crosses the Bridge

Model train exiting a tunnel and crossing a bridge located underneath plenty of trees.

Above the bridge are trees with thick foliage. The scenery highlights just how much nature is a part of the model railroad’s look. A model train crosses the bridge just after exiting the tunnel from the right.

Arch Bridge in Desolate Scenery

Model train crossing an arch bridge in between mountains on the model railroad layout.

This particular bridge is situated in a part of the layout that is desolate. There are no trees or any other green colors. The aged brown bridge stands on greyish-brown rock with some rough sand.

Sunlight on the Mountains

Sunlight on mountain scenery of the model railroad while the model train passes by.

The model train passes by a scenery of mountains with patches of vegetation. The light touches only certain parts of the ground, making it look as if several thick clouds are obscuring the sunlight.

Details of an Old Bridge Arch

Details of the arches of an old brick bridge on the model railroad.

The arches of this bridge are painted a deep brown. The decision to do so was clearly made to show how old this bridge is. Beyond the arches, we can see a glimpse of the mountain’s jagged wall.

Train Track Through a Narrow Path

The model train passes through a narrow passage between two rocky mountain walls.

This part of the railroad track is squeezed between two rocky walls. The model train is just barely moving through it without hitting the sides. Changes in landscape like this keeps the route of the train interesting.

Two Model Trains Running Across the TracksTwo model trains run through the train tracks between mountains covered with trees.

Two trains run on two separate tracks out of the four that are shown in the photo. They are flanked by walls of trees and mountain scenery. Various plants are also arranged to the sides of the train tracks.

Model Trains Beside Mountain Rubble

Yellow model train running through track beside mountain rubble.

One model train moves across the bridge while another is running below it. To the right is the wall of the mountain with rubble. Trees are sparse here, but their presence still gives the scenery variety.

Train Track Underneath an Arch

Model train moving along the track under an arch.

The model train passes under an arch along the track. Cracks on the mountain wall provide a lived-in feel for this section of the layout.

A Truck Driving Over the Arch

A truck driving across the arch above the train track.

Here is the same arch and model train, but this time a truck is driving over the arch. The truck adds more variety to the scenery and it suggests that there are other things operating in the layout aside from the railroad.

Two Train Tracks Intersecting

Two model trains crossing paths on separate intersecting train tracks.

This photo shows two model trains moving across separate intersecting tracks. One is crossing on top of the other. This top view also shows us the portions of the section with vegetation.

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