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Saving Space with a Compact Model Train Layout

This model railroad features a layout that saves space in the room. You’ll find that it includes an entire town, and it makes use of every inch of the table’s surface. It is filled with houses, roads, and tunnels. Spaces are also filled out with bright green grass.

The tracks circle around the town and its scale models in an HO train layout. In these photos, you’ll see how certain parts of the layout were constructed. Then, you can see the model train as it runs through its course in different lightings. 

The Layout In its Entirety

Bird's-eye view of the model railroad layout's city.

This photo shows a bird’s-eye view of the entire layout. We see train tracks running through the entire city. Houses are crowded in the center, trees are dotted all over, and in the distance are various structures.

Control System of the Railroad Layout

We get a different angle of the layout here. Although they’re quite small, you could see the roads in the city center that are just buzzing with activity. To your right is the control system for the model trains.

The Tunnels in Construction

The model railroad's tunnel during construction.

The tunnels that run behind the city are shown here before they were completed with scenery. Before the details including buildings were added, that whole portion was only comprised of a wooden skeleton and the train tracks.

A Closer Look at the Bridge in ConstructionWooden skeleton of the model railroad's tunnel with some materials.

This photo shows a closer look of the tunnels’ wooden skeleton. Beside it are some of the materials that were used like glue and a Sharpie pen.

Up Close Look of the Tunnels’ Wooden Skeleton

Train tracks on the wooden skeleton of the tunnel.

With a view this close, we can see how the tracks run through the tunnel. The pieces of the wooden skeleton are cut with just the right measurements to allow the train to pass through seamlessly.

Houses and Trees in the Railroad Layout

Houses, trees, and streets on the model railroad layout

Various-colored trees stand behind hedges while lamposts line the street. Beside the train tracks in the back of the picture are houses of different colors and architectural styles. This shows us the variety of scenery in the layout.

The Model Railroad Layout’s City Lights

City lights on the model railroad layout.

While night time is not the main theme of the layout, we see how this would look like in the dark thanks to the lights in the city. They give off a warm yellow glow, adding a welcoming ambience to the layout.

Model Trains Moving Around the City

Model railroad with the houses in a backdrop of warm sunlight.

In this light, we get to see the layout during a sunny day. The trees silhouetted in the backdrop makes this photo picturesque. The colorful houses become even more vibrant, and a sense of activity is felt with the model trains in motion.

Sunset in the Model Railroad City

Model train coming to a curve during sunset with houses and trees in the background.

The deeper shade of yellow in this photo suggests that the sun is starting to set in the city. The model train speeds through a curve. The scenery at the back of the photo shows the houses as well as trees of various colors.

Model Train Passing Through the City

Train approaching a curve on the track by a house.

Another train approaches the curve. From here, we see people waiting on the platform to the right while at the bottom of the image is the salmon-colored roof of a house. This sets the scene for an idyllic day in the city.

A Model Train Within the City

Model train moving through the city with railway signals.

This model train moves within the heart of the city. It is flanked by trees and houses of different architectural styles. To add to the realism of the layout, there are also railway signals.

Scenery of Houses and a Tunnel

Tunnel and bridge on the model railroad layout.

Just outside the city, we see a tunnel where a train just entered. In the bottom right of the image, there is a bridge that goes beyond the city. The addition of the bridge makes the layout feel more real because it suggests life outside of it.

Daily Life in the Model Railroad City

Vehicles and buildings in the model railroad layout.

This photo highlights parts of the city that aren’t part of the railroad. Different vehicles are scattered about, like the yellow school bus farther down the road. We can also see other buildings in the distance.

Church Overlooking the Railroad Tracks

A church on the hill overlooking the railroad tracks with people watching the train go by.

On top of a hill stands a church that overlooks a scene where people watch the model train go by. All around are colorful trees, adding to the overall beauty of this section of the layout.

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