GoPro Attached Lego Model Train Going Through Garden & House

Wonderful Lego Model Train Set Video This amazing Lego Model Train is equipped with a GoPro cam on it, going through the house and into the garden. The total length of this lego track is 50 meters. Using a GoPro is always a great idea to capture the train running moments. [leadplayer_vid id=”59DD56CA96E89″] Courtesy TrainGuy … Read more

Top 7 Awe Inspiring Model Train Photos

Here’s 7 of the most inspirational photos for model railroaders. This gallery should hopefully provide inspiration and ideas for your own model train layout or just appreciate the detailed work. Both ways it’s incredible. Remember, all of the images are in no particular order of priority, just a model train gallery that is highly impressive. … Read more

Ridge Road Station

Here is video on Ridge Road Station, in Holley, NY. Once it was a model train shop. Unfortunately it’s closed now. . It was well stocked with G scale trains of just about every manufacture. There was plenty of O scale stuff, and a decent amount of HO equipment as well. They had a very … Read more

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