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Town with Mountain Scenery Model Train Layout

This model train layout depicts a town that is surrounded by picturesque mountain scenery. The scenes of nature are just as abundant as that of everyday life in the town. Each section contains detailed scale models, and the backdrop of hills and sky adds to the layout’s overall realism. 

This set of photos begins with a view of the train tracks and the mountain scenery. Further down, you can find photos of scale models of establishments scattered around the layout. 

A Detailed Section of the Model Railway with Houses

trains running through the tracks with houses, a mountain, and a lake

A black and white train runs across a track, passing by a wooden house. At the lower right portion of the image, there’s another train stopping at the platform. To the upper right portion, there’s a mountain covered with trees and below it is a calm lake.

A Car Delearship by the Train Tracks

gas station on a model railroad

Sitting by the tracks is this car dealership. Cars are parked right in front of it, while a green truck is waiting to cross the tracks. With details like this, it’s easy to imagine what life in this model railroad is like.

Model Train Tracks Running Around the Edge of Town

town surrounded by trees with the tracks running along the edge

Houses and buildings are gathered up at the center and all around them are trees of various colors. There’s also a tunnel to the left, and to the right in the distance is a bridge. Running around the edge are the train tracks.

Section of the Railroad with a Backdrop of Blue Skies

model railroad with trees and backdrop of blue skies and clouds

The train runs through the tracks. To its sides are trees and simple utility poles. To the right is another track that curves to a different direction. The trees go on up until the backdrop of blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

A Cabin Away from the Tracks

cabin by lake with red boat and wooden deck on a model railroad

A lone cabin sits by the banks of a lake. There’s a red boat sitting on the edge next to the wooden deck. All around them are shrubs and various types of trees.

Part of the Model Train Track by the Mountain

part of the model train track by the mountain with animals and trees

A part of the tracks is seen between hills. All around this area are various flora and fauna. Below the tracks, animals are grazing on the grass. Behind the track is the foot of a tall mountain with patches of vegetation.

A View of the Model Railroad’s Layout

a view of the half of the model railroad with town and the cabin

From this angle, we can clearly see the different sections of the layout and how different they are from each other. There’s the cabin by the edge of the lake, and across from it is the town. To the left is a part of the train tracks.

A Car Dealership and Barbershop in Model Railroad

car dealership and barbershop in model railroad

In this photo we get to see a different angle of Wallschlager Motors, car dealership establishment in town. Right next to it is a red brick building that houses Baldy’s Barbershop. Cars drive by street lamps, a stop sign, and a fire hydrant.

Train Tracks Next to a House and a Farm

house and farm beside model train track

This photo gives us a clearer glimpse at the inhabitants’ lives in the town. There’s a yellow house with a car parked by the side. There’s also a farm with a shed to the side and a water tower in front of it.

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