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Saw Mill Model Railroad

This is a layout of a model railroad in a saw mill. It is filled with detailed scale models of buildings, equipment, and vehicles. There are also scenes of workers as well as scale models of trees and a backdrop of idyllic nature scenery. 

The first photo depicts a house beside a realistic tunnel just as a model train is entering it. More photos show the workers, the various equipment on the layout, and structures such as bridges.

Model Train Entering the Tunnel

Tunnel and building next to model train tracks

This image shows the train that is just about to enter the tunnel. There are trees to the sides and there’s also a structure to the left. Below this section, you can notice the remote that controls the model train.

Tunnel with Train Track Under the Sawmill

tracks that run underneath the sawmill through a tunnel

Here’s the sawmill included in the layout. Two wooden structures sit on opposite ends in an elevated area. Below it are two tracks: one runs through in the side while another enters a deep and dark tunnel underneath the sawmill.

Model Train Crossing a Bridge

model train crossing a bridge next to waterfall

The train crosses a bridge. Behind it is a small waterfall that streams down below. At the back is another train moving to the opposite direction. Blue skies and trees serve as the background for this scene.

Bear Under the Bridge and Train Track

a bear under the bridge where the model train is crossing

Below the bridge, a bear peeks from behind the branch of a tree. There are also shrubs and thick grass under the bridge. It’s small details like this that give model railroads a strong sense of authenticity and life.

People at the Waterfalls by the Tracks

people at the waterfalls of the model railroad

Here are figurines of people by the waterfall. They’re searching for something in the water while the falls are gushing down. Scenes of human activity like this really make this model railroad feel alive.

Equipment and Trees by the Tracks

equipment on the side of the model tracks with backdrop of trees

Equipment is sitting neatly beside the tracks. There’s a tall and thick tree behind one of them, and the backdrop has been painted with trees. On the other side of the tracks are planks of wood.

Transporting Wood Around the Model Train Tracks

cart with wooden cross the model train tracks' bridge

Shown here is a cart that’s used to transport wooden to the sawmill. There is a wooden structure behind it, while equipment can be seen in the near distance. The cart holding wood is about to cross the bridge.

Details of the Sawmill

sawmill of the model railroad

Picture above is the sawmill itself. Its individual parts can be seen from the outside. There’s the actual saw that’s supposed to cut through logs and the levers used to operate it.

Cabins of the Model Railroad’s Sawmill

cabins and trees next to the train tracks

Various cabins are placed beside the tracks. This area is crowded with trees that are taller than the cabins. There are also people walking around the cabins and on the elevated area behind them.

Close Up of the Cabins

Red and white cabins of the model railroad

The model train runs through a curve next to the cabins. The cabins can be seen with more detail now. One of them is read and elongated while the others are smaller with white walls and brown roofs.

A Unique Cabin with a Wooden Platform

cabin with wooden platform of the model railroad

This cabin has a more distinctive look than the others. It has green walls and a white roof (that was professionally installed by the highest rated roofing contractor and company in Indianapolis) and it has a wooden platform out front. Beside it is a pine tree.

Sheep by the Model Train Tracks

sheep next to train tracks on model railroad

This is a section of the layout where sheep graze on the path of grass next to the train tracks. On the other side of the tracks is the shepherd with his trusty sheep dog, watching over the sheep. 

Model Railroad Section with Wooden Structure

wooden structure with red wagon of model railroad

See this section of the model railroad which includes a wooden structure and a red cart underneath it. The cart is stopped at the very end of the track, and it is housed underneath the wooden structure.

People in the Sawmill Model Railroad

people at the sawmill model railroad

Human figurines in the sawmill make this model railroad a lively one. Here, they’re at a cabin with some logs. There’s also a black machine at the side. They’re flanked by tall trees. Their positions make it easy to imagine life in the sawmill.

Close Up of Model Train in the Sawmill

wooden and stone buildings beside the train tracks

Taken from this angle, the train looks very realistic. Notice the detail in the wooden and stone structures to the left. Admire how the vegetation blends seamlessly in this scenery.

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