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5 Thought Stimulating N Scale Model Train Layouts

Searching for N scale train layout ideas? Well look no further. Here’s 5 awe-inspiring N scale layouts that will definitely help spark ideas for your railroad. Observe all of the minute details each photo displays. The beauty of N scale railroads is the ability to truly unleash your creative potential.

Each photo in the gallery shows different scenes such as a waterfall scene, splashing water scene along with an unfinished oval shaped track.

Unfinished N Scale Oval Shape Track Layout

n scale model railroad photo

Looking for N scale train ideas including n scale track plans? Start off by observing unfinished layouts and capture the overall concept of the layout. Notice the small details that an N-scale model railroad provides such as ridges along the sides of the river that flows under the bridge.

N Scale Waterfall Model Train Scene

n scale model railroad photo

This view of the waterfall along with the Union Pacific locomotive going over the wooden bridge captures a strong depth of realism, which can only be captured through N scale. The waterfall observation platform is an added touch.

Detailed Shot of an N Scale Layout

n scale model railroad photo

Here’s an excellent display of how detailed N scale layouts can become with the right amount of planning and effort.. This shot contains everything from model train mountains and trees to a water tower and an engine plus a wooden bridge.

River Scenery with Splashing Water

n scale model railroad photo
There’s plenty to learn when observing this N scale layouts 2012 NMRA convention finalist. This scene in particular drew acclaim for the texture of water as it splashes downwards right next to the fisherman. The rock formation color scheme is also outstanding and adds to the entire scene.

Model Train Bridge with Underpass and Wye Rail

n scale model railroad photo

Adding a bridge with an underpass along a dirt road is a very authentic scene that can be incorporated into the majority of N scale layouts as space permits. Also, notice the wye track rail connecting with the bridge.

It’s important to focus on the planning phase and viewing a multitude of images to get ideas for your own N scale model train layout.

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