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Awesome Way to Develop a Model Train Layout

These photos show how you can fill out your layout while it is under development. This will prevent it from looking bare.

There are construction equipment such as loader trucks, cranes, and bull-dozers. There are scatter material as well that can be made conveniently with coffee grounds and tea leaves. This is a fun way to put your layout under construction. That is certainly better than having just an empty model railroad. Once you are ready to add the actual items to fill out your layout, you can easily remove these. 

Loader by the Model Train Tracks

Loader and construction workers by the train tracks.

Construction workers stand by a tree while a yellow loader works on the dirt. The scene is so realistic that you can almost hear the sounds of construction. There are also two establishments – one red, one green – and between these two buildings is the train track.

Construction Site on the Model Railroad

Excavator, dump truck, crane, and bulldozer on the model railroad.

Here, we find even more construction vehicles. There’s a dump truck and an excavator on the bottom left. To the right is a crane, while in the distance is a bulldozer.

Construction Vehicles by a Tree

Yellow construction vehicles surrounding a car on the model railroad.

All around this very large tree are the same construction vehicles we have seen earlier. Over the fence that separates the construction site, there are various cars and a yellow bus on the road.

Different Angle of the Construction by the TreeBus beside a building and cars parked on the side of the road on the model railroad.

From here, we still see the construction site by the tree. With this angle, however, we also get a clear picture of the other side. There’s a building from which passengers are boarding the waiting yellow bus, and below are a few cars parked on the side of the road.

Construction Vehicles with the Model Train

Construction vehicles next to the model train.

Construction vehicles are lined up beside the model train. The trains stand immobile as the construction vehicles drive along. To the left is the train track and a long bed of grass.

Busy Scene at the Model Railroad’s Construction Site

The construction site is buzzing with activity. This is the same scene we saw earlier, only this time the view is from the top. From here, we also see the train track that runs behind the site.

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