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Marklin 3 Model Railroad Layout

This model train layout boasts realistic scenery with an HO train layout. This is the Marklin 3 and it operates with digital MFX locos as well as steam, sounds, turnouts, and signals with reed switches. 

The background provides stunning views of mountains that are so realistic. Circling the entire layout are rows of houses located above a tunnel. There are bridges and other vehicles too, to fill the layout. There is an abundance of model trains of various colors and builds. Each section is unique with its own scenery.

The Sprawling City of the Railroad Layout

Train tracks and city of the model railroad layout.

From this view, we can see the sprawling layout and many of its sections. At the bottom, we see all the tracks that lead around the city. To the right is a tunnel, and above it are the many houses and buildings.

Model Trains and the Mountain Scenery Backdrop

Backdrop of mountains with model trains.

Here we see the various model trains that are included in this layout. In the distance to the left is a bridge, and to its right are the series of houses we saw earlier. Behind all of this is a backdrop of realistic mountain scenery.

Layout Sections on Separate Tables

Sections of the model railroad layout separated on two different tables.

Parts of the layout are actually separated from one another on different tables, which adds depth when taking photos from a certain angle. Immediately in front of us is a red building and a barn. The tracks run all around them.

Scenery of Structures on the Model Railroad Layout

A water tower, a crane, and a tunnel with a model train in the distance; buildings fill up the scenery.

From here, we can see a water tower beside a crane. Beyond these are the houses nearer to the backdrop. On the cliff above the tracks where a train just exited the tunnel, there are trees perched precariously.

Houses by the Bridge

Houses beside the bridge with yellow school bus and various buildings.

This shows a more idyllic scene on the layout. Houses line the area beside the start of the bridge. On a lower level is a yellow school bus waiting for children. There is a generous amount of greenery which gives off the atmosphere of a town in the countryside.

Side View of the Model Railroad’s Bridge

Hill with pine trees and the side of the bridge on the model railroad.

To the left is a hill that is crowded with pine trees. Beside it, we see the side of the bridge’s arches in detail. Below are more trees as well as a white truck parked on the side.

Tunnel Underneath a Bridge on the Model Train Layout

Tunnel under a bridge with fire trucks and a burning house.

The rolling hills blend in nicely with the backdrop with blue skies. Under the bridge is the circular entrance of a tunnel, while underneath that are fire trucks putting out the fire of a house.

Vehicles Exiting the Tunnel Beside Model Trains

Model trains passing by tunnel with animals.

One model train moves across the bridge while the other takes the track below it. Various cars exit the tunnel under the bridge and different animals graze on the grass beside the road.

Tunnel Under a Hill of Pine Trees

Tunnel under a hill of pine trees with trucks and model train.

We see another tunnel from which a truck just existed. Above the tunnel is a hill filled with pine trees, and below a model train is about to pass through.

Gas Tank and Model Train Cars

Gas tank and two train cars by the track.

On this section of the layout, we have a gas tank and two model train cars resting by the track. In the back of the photo, we can see more model trains. Scenes like this provide a snapshot of what a real railroad is like.

Busy Scene on the Railroad

Model trains on tracks with machinery and a red tractor on the model railroad layout.

Three different trains are running through the tracks in this photo. We can also see various structures and machinery operating as well as vehicles like the red tractor in between the black model trains.

Carriages in the Model Railroad Town

Cars and horse-drawn carriages in the model railroad town.

Horse-drawn carriages are also a mode of transportation in this town. Other vehicles include this red car on the side, a green tractor by the building and a blue car facing the tree. People are also scattered about the image, making the scene come alive.

Firemen at a Burnt House

Firemen at a burned-down house on the model railroad.

This incredibly detailed scene shows firemen inspecting the remains of a burnt house. The house is mostly still intact, but a part of its charred roof (check out commercial services for roofing here) has caved in and the steel roofing from EAS Roofing trusses are showing.

Orange Tractor Crane on the Model Railroad Layout

This image depicts an orange tractor crane working by the side of the road while cars of various colors pass by. Near the camera’s lens and leaning by the wooden fence are a couple of the town’s citizens.

A Little Red House on the Model Train Layout

A jeep with a carriage pulls up at the front of a house. A man is sweeping the floor of the front porch, while a woman in yellow at the back watches the scene. Behind them is a view of the town and its houses.

Backyard Scene on the Model Railroad

children playing in the backyard of the model railroad.

In the backyard, children are playing in the grass. Clothes are hung on the clothesline, a pile of logs sits in the corner, and the dog is running around. This peaceful scene adds variation to the layout’s largely busy atmosphere.

Factory by the Train Tracks

Factory by the model railroad tracks.

The train tracks curve around a large factory. In the background are pine trees blending in nicely with the backdrop. To the right of the image is a tunnel that leads to other sections of the layout.

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