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Model Train Scenery Ideas

If you want to set your model railway apart from the rest, you’re going to need amazing model train scenery ideas. The beauty of it is that there are no rules set in stone. After laying down your track plans, you can be as creative as you want!

You can go for a mountainous terrain thick with trees and greenery. You can also build a more urban setting filled with buildings and bustling traffic. With the right supplies, you can even construct something set in the distant future or a world of fantasy.

You can also download the model trains for beginners e-book to get inspired. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, continue reading to see some of the best model train scenery ideas!

Model Train Mountain Scenery

model train mountain scenery with supplies
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Here’s a mountain scenery layout that uses easy model railroad scenery techniques. First, you need to paint the surface to your liking.

Then, apply thin white glue using a paintbrush. You can use anything you want, but this particular model railroader chose to add Woodland Scenics earth-blend blended turf. This material blended well with the tan color paint.

Afterwards, you can apply turf in green and light green lichen to fill up the gaps, then spray a final thin layer of white glue. This results in a highly realistic mountain for your layout.

Model Train Jungle Scenery with Mountains

model train jungle scenery
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To build jungle scenery for your model train layout, you first have to learn how to make trees for the terrain. Some helpful tips include grouping them in odd numbers and clumping them together to fill out empty spaces.

Make sure to create different types of trees for each layout. This will make sure that your scenery looks as realistic as possible. When that’s done, you can bring your miniature jungle to life with elements like bridges, hills, mountains, and sheds!

Winter Model Train Scenery with Snow

model train scenery winter
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Building snow and ice for your layout isn’t very easy, but it’s always worth the challenge when done right. Here, the basic landforms use polystyrene blocks with a generous helping of PVA glue.

For rock formations, a skimmed ready mixed plaster and formed the rock formations with their fingers. Finally, the snow is a mixture of talcum powder and glitter. It was sprinkled on top of the layout to give the illusion of snowfall.

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