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Small N Scale Train Layouts

N scale model train layouts are among the most popular layout plan among serious hobbyists. At the same time, it is a good place to start for those who are new to this hobby. Whichever stage you are in this hobby, take time to explore these ideas for N scale train layouts to get you started.

Building a small N scale train layout is an enjoyable experience. But before you choose to build one, it is important to know the pro’s and con’s for this particular layout track plan.

A small N scale train layout provides more miles of track to work with and makes it more suitable for longer trains. The downside to the N scale layout is that you must be precise with laying the track. It can also be more expensive, especially if you want to be elaborate with the details of the scenery.

Full Operational Small N Scale Layout

fully operational small n scale layout

This fully operational small N scale layout is the best track choice for N gauge trains. It was possible for the trains to run on a hands-free operating session. This layout is based on the 50’s to the 70s’ era with a small town feel. It is also situated on a flat terrain and in a closed loop.

If you have an N scale locomotive, this might take a while to build but you can scale it back or make it as detailed as you want – budget and time permits.

Boulder, Colorado Based Small N Scale Layout

boulder colorado small n scale layout

This is another excellent inspiration for small model train layouts. Initially, this layout looked like a “cookie cutter” track plan but once details of the scenery were incorporated, that’s when the visual appeal of this N scale logging layout came to life. The detailed panorama resembled the actual look of a railroad track in Boulder, Colorado. 

The creator of this logging layout made it even more realistic with the addition of electronic gadgetry that added lighting and water features to the scenery.

N Scale Train Layouts Small Spaces

example of an n scale layout made for small spaces

This compact layout is a perfect example of what can be accomplished in a small space. Portions of the layout were scratch builds such as the structures and also a bit of kit-bashing was also utilized. The overall scenery is based around a logging camp theme. The track work uses a combination of Fast Tracks and some flex track for the turnouts.

Overall, it can be built on benchwork made for a 3×6 n scale layout. The mainline is controlled by Bachmann E-Z Command Digital Command Control for DCC wiring.

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