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Alan’s Wonderful Model Train with Mountain Scenery

Take a look at this oval shaped model train layout with realistic scenery. In one photo, we can see a bit of a blue-sky background with plenty of white clouds. The mountain scenery in front of them were painted beautifully, with a lot of details to make them look real. 

The layout is filled up with scale models of various houses and buildings. Each one is unique in their own way. Beside them stand lush trees. Running all around the layout are the train tracks. Scroll down and find a photo that displays the colorful model trains included in this layout.

Section of the Model Train Layout’s Background Scenery

Part of the background scenery on a model train layout.

This photo shows only one part of the background scenery, but even from this small section we can already see how realistic it can be. The background of blue skies with the realistic mountains circling this corner of the layout makes a huge difference.

Model Train Scenery of Houses and Buildings with Trees

Houses with trees surrounded by railroad tracks.

Next up is this photo of houses and buildings surrounded by the railroad tracks. The trees are of different types, which adds variety to the scenery. There are residential homes as well as buildings that serve different purposes.

Oval Shaped Scale Model of the Layout

Oval shaped scale model, view from the top.

A yellow model train is seen sitting on the oval shaped scale model. We see the mountains in the background, arranged in a way that gives off the illusion of depth. On the left hand side, there is the control system for the layout.

Close Up of Two Buildings

Two yellow buildings beside the railroad tracks.

Two yellow buildings stand by the main railroad track. Between them are two tracks leading off-camera. From here, we can see the details that were put into the buildings such as the windows (visit this page to get linked to the best contractor in this field) and the ceilings.

Model Trains By the Mountains

Model train running beside the mountains.

This model layout includes a colorful set of model trains. We can see them here running along the tracks beside the mountains. Scattered about are trees, and at the left hand side there is a beautiful white house with white fences and deep green grass.

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