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Alasdairs Model Railroad Layout with Night Scenes

This beautiful model railroad layout that includes a town is visually striking. This model train layout boasts wonderful night scenes, making it all the more picturesque. There are models of houses, monuments, vehicles, and even farm animals. There are lights turned on in the buildings as well as lampposts to make the whole layout realistic, especially with the lights in the room turned off. 

Farther down the set of images, you will find sections of the layout in varying degrees of light. This just goes to show how important lighting is to a layout to make it more unique. 

Lights in the Night Time Model Railroad

lights on in the night time model railroad

The orange lights in the town of this model railroad gives it a peaceful ambience. There are street lamps visible, shining the streets with a warm glow. Various buildings of color crowd the town, and right next to it is a monument of a man riding a horse.

Black Model Train During Night Time

black model train moving through the track on the night time model railroad

This black model train reinforces the theme of this night time railroad. With the little light coming from the distance, we can barely see the plants that flank the tracks. Behind the train is the station, and beside it is another model train just sitting on the track.

Night Time Model Trains with Lights On

night time model trains with the lights on

This is what the model train looks like with lights on. In between the tracks are some different colored patches of grass. Everything rests on a bed of ballast.

Animals by the Train Tracks

farm animals on night time train track model layout

Along the side of the railroad tracks are some farm animals scattered about. Behind them are the buildings we saw earlier, and are now clearly seen with light. There’s a brief tunnel at the top left that connects this side of the layout and the other.

Scene of Shacks and a Water Tower

shacks, a water tower, and trucks on the night time model train layout

Beside the train tracks are two shacks, some vans, trucks, and a water tower. These are fenced in on the side of the road. You’ll also notice that there are people dotting this scenery, like the little girl by the water tower and the man in the white shirt on top of the building on the right.

Model Train Under a Footbridge

people crossing over steel footbridge with model train coming underneath

The train is coming along from underneath a footbridge. The bridge is of average length, and there are people crossing it as the train moves past.

Control Panel for the Model Train

control panel of model train and tracks

On the right side of the image, you can find the control panel and the routes of each train. Off to the left are just the farm animals that we saw earlier. Although this image breaks the illusion of the model railroad’s realism, it does show an interesting look at how it’s controlled.

People Waiting for the Train

people standing on the platform, waiting for the train

People wait at the platform to board the train. Each person is unique; one is sitting at the park bench, the women to your left is dressed in a grey coat, a man in pink stands on the right, and at the center is a boy standing proudly with his hands on his waist.

Power Cable on the Model Railroad Layout

power cable tower on model train layout

More structures around the town are visible here. In the distance, there’s a looming power cable tower, and beyond it are houses and buildings. To the right is the water tower that was shown earlier, and all around are various trees.

Three Model Trains on the Tracks

three model trains traveling next to steel footbridge

Three trains pass through underneath the steel footbridge. The tracks are spacious enough that three can pass through it side-by-side without any difficulty.

Transmission Tower at Night

transmission tower and other parts of the model railroad layout at night

The transmission tower is seen again, but this time at night time. The town looks much different with the few orange lights illuminating certain parts of the town. The layout truly changes into something different and brilliant when the lights go out.

Bird’s-Eye View of the Town

panoramic view of the night time model railroad

The sprawling town offers a realistic view when seen from the top. It is densely populated with buildings and other structures. On the bottom right corner, you’ll notice cows grazing right outside the farm.

Space within the Model Railroad Layout

buildings and trains of the model railroad

The layout greatly utilizes the space available. Although the houses are very close to one another and the tracks are intricately placed around the structures, it never feels too uncrowded.

The Model Railroad in the Dark

town of the model railroad in the dark

The darkness conveniently obscures the parts of the model railroad that are obviously fake. The backdrop, for instance, blends in with the layout seamlessly with the lack of light. The cartoonish colorfulness of the houses also disappear in the darkness.

Details of a Model Train

model train from the side

This is the other side of the image with the waiting passengers at the platform. From here, we’re given the chance to admire the train and its details. It’s painted with a tasteful combination of red, green, and yellow.

The Train Tracks Through the Tunnel

entrance of the tunnel connecting two sides of the layout

Three model trains can pass through this tunnel at once. It’s mouth, which is located underneath a pink and white house, leads to the other side of the layout which includes the monument and several other houses.

A Duck Pond by the Foot Bridge

duck pond by the foot bridge of the model railroad layout

As people get down from the footbridge, they are greeted by a duck pond. There are various flora surrounding the pod as well as benches where people sit and enjoy the quiet atmosphere of this section.

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