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How To Build a Model Railroad on a Budget Video Part 4

This video goes into great detail of kitbashing or model bashing whereby a new scale model is created by taking pieces out of commercial kits by adding nifty things such as masking tape on top of the roofs and spray painting it black. Also, added 9 turnouts and installed wiring, numbered the tracks and tied up most of the wiring underneath.

  • All of the wiring is done for all of the transformers up to this point, as seen in video 3.
  • 9 turnouts for the layout, all installed wired and numbered and most of the wiring is tied up underneath.
  • Turned the ravine scene into a rock quarry
  • Currently testing the connections to ensure there is no dead spots on the tracks
  • Renovated his supply house kit, started doing some kitbashing
  • Created his first building, which is the general store and added some curtains in the windows and developed nice roof separate from the roof that came with the kit. The new roof is more detailed by cutting pieces of masking tape and laid it on top of the roof and spray painted it black. Also put a nice haze on windows, and it came out pretty well

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This is by far the most informative how to build model train layout series for model railroaders looking to build an inspiring layout with as little money as possible.

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