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Highly Realistic Model Train Layout

This model train layout includes vibrant and highly realistic hills and cliffs. It has two levels; one goes in and out of tunnels and crosses a bridge; the other goes all around the layout, past buildings and other structures. The ballast under the tracks is also painted wonderfully. There is also a stream with realistic-looking water. 

In the photos, you can see what the hills looked like before they were painted. Looking at those photos and comparing them to the ones where the hills are already painted, you can really see how a model train layout changes with the choice of color. 

Top View of the Model Railroad Layout

Top view of the model railroad.Running along the edges of the layout are green hills. There’s a windmill on the left, a few houses at the center, and snaking all around are the train tracks.

Houses and a Stream on the Model Railroad Layout

Red tunnel, a stream, and a house on the model railroad layout.

The shade of green that was used to paint the grass on the hills make them look extremely realistic. The water in the stream, the houses, and the tunnels were also painted wonderfully.

The Model Railroad with Unpainted Hills

Model railroad with unpainted hills.

Here is what the model railroad looked like before the hills were painted. Just by looking from this, you can already feel how much the hills’ color contributed to the overall atmosphere of the layout. With the deep green of the hills, the layout gives off a relaxing countryside vibe.

Ballast Under the Model Train Tracks

Brown ballast under the train tracks.

This is an up close look at the train tracks. From here, we can clearly see the amount of detail that was put into the ballast underneath the tracks to make it look real.

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