Matthew’s shed layout model train photo gallery

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Here is amazing shed layout model train. If you do not have a big room for big layout then this one is the best suitable layout for you. It is built in 6X6 ft area.

Shed Layout

shed layout model train image 1
This image shows the built up process of the model. Scenery is selected and pasted in such a way that it gives realistic look of the layout.

Loco Shed

shed layout model train image 2

Loco shed gives an amazing looks to this model train layout. The building is created with reference to the background scenery.


shed layout model train image 3

Another view of this amazing layout. You can view the train running on the railroads. Background scenery is giving an amazing look to this small model train layout.

Model Train

shed layout model train image 4

You can view the closer look of the train in this image. Human models are also placed to give realistic look to this amazing layout.

Side View

shed layout model train image 5

This image shows the side view of the layout. You can see amazing buildings, mountains and truck and they are increasing the beauty of the model train layout.

model train beginners ebook
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