Model Railroad Benchwork Planning and Building Ideas

The model railroad benchwork is the supporting structure to which the model railroad track will be attached to. Therefore, it could be as simple as a piece of plywood that is attached to a table or complex with elaborate details. If you are new to this build, we will help guide you through the process … Read more

Top Rated HO Model Train Layouts

HO railroading is the most popular of the scales in the world, in both continental Europe and North America. HO model trains have a ratio of 1:87 to their full-size compatriots. They are large enough to appreciate fine detail, but small enough to fit in most spaces. Find below a list of best HO model … Read more

Model Railroad HO Scale

Finding a model railroad HO scale is easy due to its popularity within the model railroading community. Most model train beginners start off either using an HO scale starter set or by building their own starting from benchwork all the way to the scenery. If you’re interested in building your model train layout and want … Read more

Top Rated Model Train Layouts 4×8 Dimensions

4′ x 8′ model train layouts is the most common size across HO scale and N scale. Majority of model railroads are constructed on a 4′ x 8′ layout. Also, it’s not too difficult to construct benchwork for a 4×8 model train layout. If you are looking for a step-by-step tutorial on how to build … Read more

Top 5 Model Railroad Scenery Photos

1. Model Railroad Water, Mountain and Bridge Scene 2. Model Railroad Lake and Boat Scene 3. Stone Arch Viaduct Model Railroad Scenery Model Train Structure and Trees 5. Mountain and Backdrop Model Train Scenery

Model Train Layouts O Gauge

Model train layouts O gauge are one of the largest model railroad scales and require more space to run. Also, the level of detail on an O gauge layout less due to the size and isn’t comparable to the detail you’d find in an N scale or smaller layout size.

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