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Photo Mapping for Model Train Layout

Photo Mapping for a Model Train Layout

Everybody knows “Miniature Wonderland” is the largest model train layout in the world. It’s held in Germany. This model train layout built in HO Scale. One year ago, a team of Google made a very special 360-degree camera with some amazing panorama view.  There was a secret for Google camera and this is used to make 360-degree photos.   In this video, you will know everything about the camera.

Then, the Kodak PixPro SP360 Action Cam and also the Kodak PixPro SP360 4K was used. Of course, the team had to reconstruct the camera so it absolutely was sufficiently little to suit it on the tracks underneath the overhead cable (catenary). And, the team had to make a tiny low quite a locomotive in Ho scale that mechanically runs on the railway tracks.

The yellow camera housing of the Kodak PixPro SP360 is clearly visible on the Google railroad car. This camera is incredibly smart for making 360° bird’s-eye views. Particularly after you take a glance at the results on Google Street read, the camera’s image quality is amazingly superb. Then, they used the Kodak PixPro SP360 4K Action Cam.

The massive secret wasn’t the camera itself, however the technique with that the camera was used. Kodak had free this new camera, that takes video recordings in extremist High Definition (4K quality), many months later. If you’re fascinated by the creation of 360° videos, you ought to take this camera as a result of the upper video resolution. The camera makes a photograph or video with a point of view of roughly 210°. Therefore, 2 cameras are needed for creating a full

360° panorama read: the primary camera for the front read and also the second camera for the rear view. Within the next weeks, most likely in Sept 2017, Kodak can launch a brand new camera on the market: The Kodak Orbit360 4K PixPro Action Cam. This camera has 2 lenses for the all-around read forward and backward.

Here is the video of Photo mapping for a model train layout: [leadplayer_vid id=”59A63A86F31FD”]

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