Ross’s Model Train Layout

Ross Model Train Layout

Hi James,

This is a picture of the hobby train setup which I started over a year ago. This email is in response to one of your postings on Facebook.

It never seems to end, there is always some thing that I want to change or add. I have it almost finished for now, have only to add some more trees and shrubbery.

I will have still to do some re-wiring to keep consistent power.

Then I am looking to add another level to it but that will come whenever time is available and that means at least another year.

This is something that I have wanted to do for the over 30 years at least, but I had thought a couple or three years ago after going to different Train shows and seeing how things are done I thought that I would give it a try before I am too old and am unable to do things this small.

It is “N” scale and it is in its’ own case 32” X 48” with a plexiglass top and front so that no dust gets into it.

Thought you might want to see what it looks like, but it is no way professional. I do have it posted on my own Facebook page.


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