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Weathered Locos Tutorial for a Model Train layout

Learn how to add a weathered look to your model trains with this helpful tutorial. For the dust, Humbrol Weathering Powder was used. As you go through the photos, you’ll notice that each section of the trains were added with the powder, but not so much that they entirely covered the entire model. They were added instead in a haphazard way to make sure that they look authentic. 

The layout, on the other hand, features rows of houses and a background of hills and trees, making for some realistic scenery

Weathered Locomotives Passing by Houses

Two weathered model trains passing by a row of houses on the model railroad.

These two model locomotives look authentically weathered as they pass by a row of houses. Behind them is a backdrop that depicts woods in the distance. In between the tracks are patches of grass, some lighter in color than others.

Details of the Weathered Locomotive

Close up look of the weathered locomotive by a fence and houses.

Get a clear look of this weathered locomotive. Notice how the signs of age are added unevenly to make it more realistic. The locomotive stands on the track next to a fence while a man checks its cargo.

Locomotive by the Grass

Weathered locomotive at the end of a track.

This locomotive rests at the end of a track by light-green grass. Its discoloration in parts really gives it an aged look.

Model Locomotive with Freight Cars

Model locomotive with freight cars.

Despite signs of wear and tear, this train is about to go on a journey. With its loaded freight cars, it passes by the layout’s houses and backdrop scenery of hills and a blue grey sky. You can take the help of a reliable moving company like Big T Moving & Delivery for moving your belongings and other delivery services.

Weathered Locomotives Resting by the Grass

Locomotives resting by the grass.

These two locomotives are resting by the grass. At the back, houses can be seen. From this angle, the backdrop of woods becomes much more realistic.

Model Train Passing by Trees and Grass

A weathered model train passing by trees and grass.

The model train passes by cars and houses as it makes its way across the track. Railway signals are added for realism. This section of the layout is thick with greenery as trees and thick blankets of grass can be seen on the sides of the track.

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